Reflecting Rhinomax Campers reputation for building Australia’s best off-road campers the Defender 15ft Hybrid takes design, comfort and craftsmanship to a new level.

A striking external presence, refined luxurious interior and comprehensive equipment pack bring you a heightened sense of sophistication and a first-class travel experience.

Designed and equipped for off the grid travel the performance and capabilities of the Defender are best in class, great for those outback adventures.

Designed for the outdoor lifestyle the Defender has a huge outdoor entertainment area incorporating what is considered by the industry as one of the best ergonomically designed gourmet kitchens.

With a host of storage drawers, a deep pantry and plenty of shelf space the kitchen effortlessly slides out and sets itself up in seconds.

All covered by a huge 4.5m x 2.5m awning for protection from the elements and the additional option of awning walls or a full annex.

Due to our unique design and clever use of space on the internal layout the Defender feels a great deal bigger on the inside, it is comfortable to live in and a lot less claustrophobic than most hybrid campers.

The inside is light airy and spacious and is more like stepping into Dr Who’s Tardis.

Because of the insulated fibreglass wall and roof construction the inside temperature remains a lot more comfortable than most caravans.

Step into a Defender on a hot day and it immediately becomes evident how much cooler it is on the inside.

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